Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Services

For more than 27 years, TEAM employees have been in the field sampling soils and/or groundwater, analyzing lab data, creating reports, and, when applicable, remediating contaminated sites and moving projects to regulatory closure.

At sites with contamination present, we have the ability to take a project from initial site assessment and characterization, into to the monitoring and mitigation stages, and through to no further action required. Our staff has experience with the design, installation and implementation of different types of remediation systems. TEAM has the proven track record to get results which are protective of the environment and resolve the issue in question. Our professionals have experience working with both new sites and existing sites that are posing clean-up challenges.

TEAM has extensive Underground Storage Tank (UST) experience, including design and implementation of groundwater treatment systems ranging from large scale, active treatment systems to passive in-situ groundwater or soil treatment systems.  We can develop an effective plan and implement a remediation system for each unique project. Our staff has experience administering sites under the jurisdiction of the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund.

TEAM professionals work and maintain positive relationships with local regulators including Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board staff members, Inyo and Mono County Environmental Health Departments, Inyo County Water Department, and the local offices of federal agencies.