Professionals within TEAM are proven performers with years of practical experience. A brief summary of key consultants’ backgrounds is provided below. For resumes and in depth background and technical expertise, please visit their associated links.

In addition to TEAM’s core professionals, TEAM has arrangements with highly qualified affiliates to provide their services when our client will benefit from additional resources.

  • Naomi Jensen — President of TEAM, Senior Environmental Scientist, Project Management, Environmental Permitting, Landfill Permitting, Monitoring, and Reporting
  • Greg Foote — Biologist, CEQA/NEPA Permitting, Biologic Resource Survey and Reporting, Landfill Field Lead, Desert Tortoise, Mohave Squirrel and Desert Bat Regulations
  • Mary Farrell — Senior Archaeologist for TEAM
  • Walt Pachucki — Founder¬†and Senior Consultant to TEAM, Mining Engineer, Mining Equipment Maintenance Expert, Registered Environmental Assessor
  • Tim Hersch — Secretary of TEAM, Professional Geologist, Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessment, Modeling, and Remediation
  • Fred Finkbeiner — Professional Engineer,¬† Groundwater Contamination and Remediation, Landfill Monitoring and Permitting
  • Steve Keef — Senior Hydrographer, Hydrographic Services, Groundwater Basin Monitoring, Spring and Stream Flow Monitoring
  • Bob Matthiessen–Staff Geologist/Field Technician
  • Cindy Cimino — TEAM’s Administrative Assistant, Bookeeper, and Receptionist