Richard Shore

Professional Geologist

Professional Geologist

Chief Operating Officer – Geologic Services

Richard Shore, Professional Geologist for TEAM, has over 13 years of experience in the geologic and environmental consulting fields. Richard has a broad array of professional experience conducting site assessments and investigations, hazardous materials remediation, underground storage tank removal and monitoring, Phase I and Phase II site assessments, and groundwater and soil investigations. Richard has particular expertise out in the field assisting clients with their groundwater monitoring well installations, groundwater, soil and soil-gas sampling and monitoring programs, as well as the installation, operations and maintenance of various groundwater and soil-gas remediation systems. Richard is proficient with a variety of environmental field instruments and computer software and programs.

Mr. Shore serves as Chief Operating Officer of Geologic Services for TEAM, and handles a wide variety of projects including water resource monitoring, landfill monitoring and remediation programs, and soil and water testing programs.

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