Naomi Jensen

Senior Environmental Scientist

President of TEAM

Naomi JensenNaomi Jensen, TEAM’s long-time Senior Environmental Scientist and Project Manager, recently acquired TEAM from founder Walt Pachucki. As of 2015, Ms. Jensen is now President of TEAM. Drawing on 17 years of experience at TEAM, Naomi will provide a seamless transition and allow TEAM to continue to serve its clients with the high level of professional and responsive service that they’ve received over the last 27 years.

Ms. Jensen has experience in environmental site assessments, soil and groundwater sampling and monitoring programs, hazardous waste management and disposal, multi-agency permitting, and preparation of regulatory compliance reports. Naomi has 16 years of experience conducting field work and interfacing with local, state and federal agencies related to permitting and regulatory compliance. Naomi has experience in assisting clients with their groundwater, soil and gas monitoring programs as well as installation, operations and maintenance of various groundwater remediation systems.

Ms. Jensen has participated in surface water and groundwater studies involving the compilation of surface water data, research of water uses and water rights, monitoring of surface and groundwater levels, and technical report preparation. Work included participation in the Surface Water and Groundwater Availability Assessment prepared for the Antelope Valley area of Mono County in 2006. Naomi has also provided spring-flow estimates and assisted with the monitoring of numerous stream gauges and groundwater transducers for Inyo County’s Hay Ranch Conditional Use Permit. She has also participated in pump and aquifer testing, most recently for the Mammoth Mountain Land Exchange evaluation of the Dry Creek drainage. Prior to her work at TEAM, Naomi also worked with the Santa Barbara Flood Control District to manage vegetation and maintain riparian areas.

Ms. Jensen has extensive experience working with current and emerging technology, including computer technology and complex groundwater transducers and surface water monitoring devices. She can effectively manage inter-agency discussions and actively uses teleconference, PowerPoint and webinar technology to communicate effectively and reduce travel costs associated with working in remote areas. As a Registered Environmental Assessor, Naomi has conducted numerous Phase I investigations for real-estate transactions in the Eastern Sierra.

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